Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dig This! Redux

We played a double header tonight-- Final four AND the championship beach volleyball game. We breezed through the semis (literally-- there was a little, err... hurricane-proportion sandstorm brewing up on the lake front tonight... a slight tap would send the ball thirty feet to the west. I'm not kidding), making it to the finals. Since the weather was so bad, we didn't get any good photos; but you can check us out in last week's blog.

Going into the finals, the wind played with our heads a little bit (not to mention the woman who would take five minutes before she served... every serve), but we rallied, spiked, bumped, blocked and dug with the best of them. In game two of the finals, we came back to win it (and I'm proud to say on my serve-- yeehaw!) and went pumped into game three. We fought hard, eventually falling 20-25. But the team will never forget us, especially with David's monumental, mid-court kill while screaming "Dig That!;" Shawnee's killer serve and good cheer; Wade's never-give-up attitude-- always diving for the ball no matter how far away it was from him; Mike's go-get-em, positive spirit to keep us laughing and loose, not to mention his interminable blocks; Mark's unfailing overhand serve; Gretchen's calm and consistency; and our fearless leader's inspiration, unfailing serve and consistent bump. It was a terrific season-- second place out of twenty, AND an undefeated play-off record going into the Finals? Not too shabby. I'm looking forward to coming back next year for the win! On three:



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