Friday, July 30, 2010

Welcome to the world Sophie!

Sophie Ladurée Dempster-Gullino entered the world on Tuesday. Weighing in at a petite 6 lbs, 1 oz, she is a beauty-- and already the apple of her daddys' eyes. Can't wait to meet you Miss Sophie!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Befores and Afters

Believe it or not, the work still continues... you'd think this small house would have been long finished by now, but... well, two work-a-holics later, we're still renovating. While this office renovation was done a year ago, I thought I'd post it anyway (no, K-- not JUST because I'm lazy and feeling blog-uninspired). Now we're (which is more of the royal "we" because it's really MRN, since he's the carpenter) working on boxing in the alcove under the stairs... more to come on that one. In the mean time, here's the office make-over... MUCH better and more conducive to-- well, working...

Yes-- this was my dump of an office. But thanks to Ikea and an awfully handy husband (and my spatial planning skillz-- said husband didn't believe that I'd be able to store everything in these new wardrobes-come-bookshelves but lo and behold... PLUS, had so much extra room, the one on the right is used as a dresser / closet. I really want to say, ha! so...).

This is the horror over the stairs-- just a hole in the wall. MRN built custom shelves for the painfully deep and tall (it's 5 feet tall!) but completely useless space and I conceived the hinged door made of a fabric-covered frame (again custom made by MRN). A little ingenuity and wha-la! Decor + function (and for cheap-- because I'm not investing any more money into this money pit). Whoop-whoop.

And would be remiss if I didn't show off my Orla Kiely wallpaper lampshade. Wish I could take credit for it, but I bought it on eBay (from someone who makes wallpaper lampshades-- go figure). This adorns my office and for added fun, I bought the same wallpaper which I lined the glass-topped desk with. It's my wannabe not-so-crafty attempt... maybe the blog needs a new name.