Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Welcome to my world

A scary place indeed... I've finally ventured into the blog world, inspired by my near and dears to experience it for myself. A writer by trade, I'm not confident that I will be able to carry the craft into this off-hour pasttime... and being skeptical of logging anything electronically (given that during my last out-of-country trek, my lovely computer was stolen and with it, my diary...), I'm not sure that I have the motivation to invest the time and effort to keeping it up. Not to mention, who the heck is really going to be interested in reading this thing?

But with that said, onto the name... wannabe wayfarer. That's me! In that I REALLY want to travel-- and by travel, i mean to far-off, exotic places. Alas, my plans are always thwarted... be it by my demanding job, last minute cop-outs (translation: inability to commit) or just plain "I have no money to do what I want." But dreams are big (aren't they all), and my wanderlust, endless. One of these days I'll actually get my act together and plan that international trip around the world, hold my breath and jump...