Monday, January 30, 2006

A Thousand Turkeys

I was procrastinating yesterday morning and came across "Say Anything" on tv. Ah, the quintessential, teenage-love-angst-movie. Lloyd, standing in the driveway holding that boom box over his head, with the intense "I'm going to show her that I love her better than anyone ever could and ever will, without saying anything" look in his eyes. Great scene. No, seriously, great scene. The anthem of love in the 80's starts softly, getting louder and louder until the crashing cymbals are tugging your heart strings, and suddenly you're suffering the heartbreak that Lloyd (and presumably Diane, although she's the one who dumped his ass for no good reason) is feeling. But frankly? (And this is where I raise the potential of getting lynched...) I've never really gotten the movie. Yes, John Cusack is inherently lovable... the underdog who gets the girl (eventually...sort of... but I was never convinced that Diane truly loved him; I think she had a "daddy complex" and just couldn't stand to be alone, and Lloyd was the most convenient substitute). But I never saw it as the timeless, epic love story that everyone else seems to get swept up in. I think my friend, Elan, sang it best (at the top of his lungs while racing down the freeway in his white Cherokee):
"I see [in] the doorway, a thousand turkeys."
The anthem of my discovery. Now that's deep.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Creamiest Dreamiest

Friday, January 27, 2006

"The sky settles everything...

... not only climates and seasons but when the earth shall be beautiful."

American Airlines is having a fare sale to India. Ahhhh... India.

A Love Song to NYC

My January edition of Conde Nast Traveler came today-- ah, the day of the month I always look forward to (thank you my dear Aunt Anne for the lovely gift!). It's the 2006 Gold List edition-- "Very best that travel has to offer." *Sigh.* More destinations to add to my wishlist of wonders to see.

There is, as is often the case, a blurb about my beloved New York, and the fact that Harlem is experiencing yet another Renaissance (which, by the way, has been happening for years, only now that it's getting the attention of big(ger)-time investors, it's finally making the "posh" list, hence CNT).

But I predict that this "Renaissance" won't have quite the same lasting impact of the art-infused Jazz Age. Instead, the yuppies, the guppies-- and even the boomers, are buying up townhouses (well, that's been happening for about ten years, now...), and just opened is Ginger, an organic Chinese restaurant, and Carol's Daughter-- a "beauty emporium" (oh, and look-- in addition to shopping there, as so gloriously highlighted in CNT, Jada Pinkett-Smith is also the spokesmodel). And, the pièce de résistance? Move over Bill [Clinton]. Starwood is shopping around 125th Street for a new W Hotel location. WTF?! I mean, I get gentrification and how, to a certain degree, it CAN be good for a neighborhood... but this is Harlem, for heaven's sake. Looks like the "two-eight" might be on the verge of losing their "most dangerous, biggest-drug-infested-in-the-smallest- neighborhood in New York" status (a whole 0.49 square miles). Welcome to the Upper East/Upper West Side, my boys in blue (not to mention you three-oh- and two-five-ers). Oy vey.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Scariest Thing

"What's the scariest thing in the world?" asked the boy.
"Love." answered the girl.

Politics My Ass

For all those Chicagoans who get their knickers in a twist about the "Windy City" not really being windy (because the descriptor originally stems from a reference to their shady politicians being "full of hot air"-- and, by the way, WHY would that be something to BRAG about?!?), try spending the day on the 20th floor of my office. Not only was I freaking motion sick all day because of the swaying-- yes, swaying, of the building, the constant creaking and groaning coming from the high rise due to the stress caused by the WIND was enough to instigate a near aneurysm. So to all you high-and-mighties who are convinced that this city ain't any windier than any other city in the world: BITE ME.

Monday, January 23, 2006

It's been five years since my last international trip

Okay-- so that's not exactly true either. I did go to Vancouver in late October to celebrate the big 3-0 with a some of my favorite people in the whole world (does Canada still count as another country, especially with Prime Minister-elect Harper, aka President Bush's new best friend?). But I'm trying to erase that trip from my memory because we were robbed and all of our belongings stolen-- including my beloved laptop. STOLEN. In CANADA!! All those reports of "nice, friendly and trustworthy" Canadians? Yeah-- thank you, Michael Moore, for perpetuating the stereotype ("Bowling for Columbine," anyone?). Needless to say-- I will not be going to Canada again anytime soon. Give me the mean streets of downtown Hartford any day. At least there I'm prepared for the possibility of feeling utterly violated.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

GMAT Hell, Part Deux


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

YAY! I'm an Auntie!

My identical twin sister gave birth to this beautiful baby girl today-- Nanea Leah. Nanea (Nah-nay-ah) is Hawaiian for "peaceful." Wishful thinking on the part of the parents, perhaps? She came a whole two weeks early, but still weighed in a 7 and a 1/2 pounds. I've contained myself from posting a boat load of photos, but you can check out more for yourself on Nanea's very own website. (And oh my gosh, isn't she the most beautiful thing?!?) I still can't get over it. My best friend; my other half, has a baby. So it looks like my next trip will be to Hawaii. My life is so tough.