Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Little Miss C

Not that I'm biased in any way... but is there a cuter kid in the entire world (well, my other niece actually would share this title...)? This is my niece sporting her new glasses (and in her Easter finery). Now she's REALLY the coolest kid (says her glasses-wearing auntie...).

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hola, BCN!

My (and Tiff's!) favorite Spanish purchase. Yes, yes-- it's shoes. And, yes-- Camper's at that (for those of you are unaware, Camper is based in Barcelona). But look at these fun features:

1) Hola. How cool is it to have a shoe that says, "HOLA" on it?

2) BCN. I'll never forget where they're from because it has the ai
rport code stamped into it.

3) The soles have cool things too: Castillian Spanish on one and a map of Spain on the other (and if I could get a shot of the bright white sole, I would post it; but you'll just have to take my word for it...)

4) and the best feature? This Barcelona tile pattern stamped over the entirety of the suede. Amo los zapatos!

Camera Love

Monday, April 02, 2007

Hawai'i in Florida?

While I hate to interupt the Spain-love, I depart on yet another trip bright and early tomorrow to Florida. It's a work trip-- because really, why else would anyone want to go to Florida? Okay, okay; I do realize that I'm in the minority here. But, until a few years ago, I could proudly say that I had never set foot in the state (blasted work). But unlike me, people actually like the humidity and spring break crowds and orange people. And besides, why go to Florida when you have family (translation: free room) in Hawai'i?

In any case, my conference is at this place (I know-- why the heck am I complaining? But remember, I work for the man and this conference happens to be for the soul-less of the soul-less of my industry: salespeople. Joy.)-- the
Don Cesar Resort in St. Pete's Beach. That's in Tampa, for those not familiar with it. Apparently it's modeled after the Royal Hawaiian hotel on Oahu... well, they're both pink.

My cousin is so beating me up for this post (hi, Gordon!). He lives in Florida.

So I'm MIA for a couple more days and then I should actually get to sleep in my own bed for more than three days in a row for a couple of weeks, at least. Whoohooo!

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Muchas Gracias, Coffee Break Spanish

...And while I'm thinking of it, wanted to thank Mark and the team from Coffee Break Spanish for the refresher before my trip (you can download free podcasts from iTunes). While I still have a lot of dust to shake off of it, my Spanish was a success as evidenced by one of my favorite anecdotes from the trip: the front desk person at my hotel mistaking me for a native Spanish speaker and being surprised that I wasn't fluent because my accent "was perfect."