Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's Christmas Time

Originally formed in 1984 to raise money to aid famine in Africa, top Brits and Irish recording artists have continued to record and re-record the now classic "Do They Know It's Christmas?" I was able to find three different versions (the 2004 version, "Band Aid 20"-- as in, "20 years later," I hadn't heard) from the actual "Band Aid" (as opposed to versions covered by other pop stars, e.g. Barenaked Ladies). Each definitely has its set of winners... I have to say, I'm partial to the original (yes, yes, mostly because Sting's on it)... but there's a bevy of famous faces long passed (not literally, but they're pop stars of old and no longer recording) such as George Michael, Boy George and Jodi Watley. But there's also a pre-sunglasses, bushy-haired Bono and Phil Collins grooving on the drums (still in his Genesis days). Classic, classic, classic.

Version two has less star power, but I have to say, I like this version if only because the Brit twin pop phenom "Bros" performs... Matt (Goss) on vocals (and showing off some stellar 80s dance moves-- sweet!) and Luke on drums (and note that pre-sex goddess Kylie Minogue, then riding the Loco-Motion, is actually from Oz).

And the most recent version has a kicking rock ending... plus cutie Chris Martin singing the opening (and while I would have liked to see Sting make a return 20 years later, Bono does make an appearance, singing the same part he performed in the original, allegedly at his demand).

Yes, yes... I'm enjoying the Christmas songs this month (and my love of comparing different performances of the same song...).


alohab said...

I love this post. Bros and Kylie Minougue...can you GET better than that? Seriously! I was definitely on that Local Motion bandwagon back in the day. And you're right. Gottal love love love Chris Martin.