Saturday, December 09, 2006

Baby It's Cold Outside

When I decided to move to Chicago, the one thing my East Coast friends always said was, "But it's so cold in Chicago." Me being me, tried to reassure them that it was a great idea... "I've only lived in one city as an adult; I want to try out other places before I decide on a place to 'settle down.'" or, "I'm not sure if I will like not living in New York, but Chicago isn't so far West that I can't move back if I want to..." or, "It will be so much easier to get to the West Coast/Hawai'i to visit my fam from Chicago;" and, my favorite, "Cold is cold. Anything under 30 degrees is pretty much the same thing."

Ummm... I was wrong.

This morning, as I walked the four very, very, very long blocks to the bus stop (I'll save the worst-public-transportation-in-a-major-city rant for another time), I was actually muttering expletives. Four letter word expletives. Outloud. You see, it was a negative temperature... again... for the third freakin' day in a row. And an extra bonus, there was a very swift wind, blowing right into my face. And I thought, for the third straight day in a row, that it is absolutely inhuman that people can actually live in this god-forsaken place.

Because, what I've realized? Cold is not just cold. It can get a hell of a lot colder.


Anonymous said...

Come HOME!!!


alohab said...

hee, hee, I remember that statement about cold is cold. At the time, it made sense to me. Though, I think 60 degrees is cold. It's now winter in Hawaii and gets way down in the upper 60s at night. That's flannel pajama and 4 blanket weather! BRRRR....okay, don't smack me when you see me next month :)!

Proud Papa said...

Baby it is WARM outside again this week. And that is scarier than cold.

maikib said...

You're right... it's gross outside... not that i should complain, given my monster complaining last week, but rainy, wet weather is never a good hair day for me.