Wednesday, June 10, 2009

He vs She: The Gym

So, we've joined the gym-- and on day 11 of gym duty (meaning going to the gym every morning at 7 am... pause... YAY ME!!) and in the 10 days, let me just note, I have GAINED 3 pounds (WTF) but my favorite jeans no longer fit (need a belt). But beyond that, it's been absolutely enlightening going to the gym with a boy vs a girlfriend. Let me summarize:

1. Boys are competitive; they like to brag about how many calories they've burned and weights they've lifted. I don't know about you, but I'm more concerned about the TIME I'm doing cardio. Maybe it's 6 of one, half dozen of another (GCC-- are you SO impressed I got that one right?!? I've been practicing!!), but the fact that I can do 75 minutes of cardio vs his 30 means that I am the winner.

2. Boys take FOREVER. It's a big dramatic demonstration of waiting 5+ minutes between "reps" on the various weight machines. Girls? Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am. Get the work out done. Cardio? check. Weight machines? check. Free weights? check. Boys? Cardio? okaaaay.... wait around for 5 minutes.... Weight machines?... okay.... sit there for about 10 minutes between very dramatic breathing and flexing of lungs and muscles...

and so it goes.

I can get my whole work out done in 75 minutes. Cardio, weights, abs. On weekends I allow myself "fun time" in that I get to do the rowing machine, extending my workout to 90 minutes. But can I stomach THE BOY workout? am I going to have to extend my workout to 120 to accommodate?! Blaaaaahhhh... NEED SOME GIRLFRIENDS!!!!!!


Kristina said...

Ha ha ha! I work out in 20 minutes flat. Come join me!!! (Unlike my husband I don't stretch or do anything extra.)

I'm so proud of you and your work out dedication!!!

Anonymous said...

You are SO on the money!!!!

The first time I worked out with my husband, I didn't understand if we were doing more "relaxing" between sets or actual weight lifting.