Sunday, April 01, 2007

Muchas Gracias, Coffee Break Spanish

...And while I'm thinking of it, wanted to thank Mark and the team from Coffee Break Spanish for the refresher before my trip (you can download free podcasts from iTunes). While I still have a lot of dust to shake off of it, my Spanish was a success as evidenced by one of my favorite anecdotes from the trip: the front desk person at my hotel mistaking me for a native Spanish speaker and being surprised that I wasn't fluent because my accent "was perfect."


jazzbone said...

Cool! As you know, I have trouble masking my southern accent sometimes, especially after I talk to Grandma B, and I almost have to consider my English as ESL at times. Spanish (since I live in southern California), or Japanese (as I spend a fair amount of time there) are beyond me. But English, with or without the accent, I think I have a fair handle on, thanks to Miss Littleton, my HS freshman English teacher. I'm glad you studied Spanish and did well with it.

Love, Dad