Monday, March 12, 2007


It has not gone unnoticed that I've failed to blog about my most recent excursion-- Telluride, Colorado. Sure, it was beautiful, and snowy, but in terms of trip-trips (and this being a business trip) it was all just a little blah... mainly because I worked the entire time and had to put out fires right and left and deal with the craziness that generally these trips allow for me to escape from... plus it was a little too hoity-toity for my taste. That, combined with executive-level tantrums (of the two-year old, fall on the floor and beat your fists and legs variety) and entitlement attitude of co-workers who shouldn't have even the fleeting-most thought of being entitled, made for a headache of a trip. Oh-- and did I mention my luggage was lost for THREE DAYS (#$&#^RGIUY#^!!! UNITED AIRLINES!!!)? It wasn't Jackson Hole, that's for sure.

But that being said, the schmancy cabin that I got to share with K and the D's was awesome (despite not being able to spend much time in it), and as always, it was fantastic to spend time with my friends from
NL Wilson (aka my saving grace) who, no matter what chaotic craziness we were dealing with at a given time, were cool, calm and collected-- and always made me laugh.

Ummm... and I did get to meet Jonny Moseley... who is very cute.

Next up: Connecticut, Barcelona, Flor-ee-dah. All in three weeks. Blechk.


alohab said...

OMG - Tiff will be SO jealous. She loves Jonny Moseley. You didn't tell me about this part of the trip! I want details :)!