Friday, March 02, 2007

Telluride, Here I Come

Off on another adventure, this time of the annual work ski trip variety (because honestly? when is my travel ever not work-related?). Sounds like it would be fun, huh? It would be if it didn't mean me working my butt off for the next six days in a row from 6 a.m. until after midnight (yes, kids-- that includes Saturday and Sunday). Most years I get at least half a day to relax and do something somewhat fun (last year I learned how to snowboard, for instance). But this year I have "added responsibility" so I will actually be in meetings all day Sunday (which was usually my day to have fun before chaos ensued). UGH. Who signed up for this?

The real kicker was that today, in the midst of the usual stupidity that I have to suffer through as part of my deal with the devil (aka working for the man), I had a last-minute meeting with our head of sales, the HOST of this event mind you, who has still not finished his presentation that he's literally had about four months to prepare (ummm... and did I mention that I have actually yet to see ANY of the speakers presentations? But that's a whole other story...). At 4:30 p.m., the day before I leave to go out to finalize everything before our guests arrive, I'm on the phone with him telling him what he needs to say for all of his 26 slides, and he finally says, "you know, can you just write the talking points for me?" So, when I agree in absolute astonishment-- quite frankly, I was so taken aback that he had the gall to ask me to do it, I was agreeing before I knew what I was saying (and really, it's a double-edged sword-- I could let him take a nose dive off a cliff, but ultimately that makes my job a hell of a lot harder), he says, "... oh, and can you get it to me tonight, because I really want to review this presentation on the plane so I'm PREPARED. Please join me in a big old:



Liana said...

GEEZ LOUISE!!!! Time to submit your resume in the balmy islands! Oh...I think we have some snow now! Sand, surf, and snow!

Anonymous said...

You should have told him where to stuff it!!
You know, the place where the sun never shines.

What a !!!! I can't even think of an appropriate word.