Thursday, November 02, 2006

Empty Nest

No excuse for my lack of blogging (although I did think about offering up the lame "major surgery" and subsequent "recovery" excuse only, somehow I managed to blog just a short week after the surgery...); I guess as my act of contrition I will have to stop harping on all my friends who take endless amounts of time off between posts... at least until I get my groove back.

Apologies aside, I've been a little down
as of late about my quiet house. The last of my caretakers/houseguests left last Friday, and things have been a little too quiet for this self-proclaimed homebody who relishes in her "alone time." After having my folks here for a couple of weeks, followed by my sis and the beautiful Nanea, things have been a little too, well, quiet.

I've always been the one that's lived far away (moving to NY for college when I was 17 and never looking back) and thought that I'd gotten used to it. But it all changed when my sisters started having babies. Now with two little ones all the way on the other side of the country (California and Hawaii, to be exact), it's getting harder and harder to stake my claim for independence.

So, here's the question of the day (or in my case, it may be the week...). As you get older, does it only get harder to be further away from family and loved ones?


Anonymous said...

The only reason I moved to Tennessee was to be closer to my sister, niece and nephew. I wanted my kids to grow up with their cousins. Now that my husband and I are here, my sister-in-law and her family want to move because she just had a baby and wants to be near family. My mom wants to be near us as well. I think we all have the period in our lives where we want our independence from our family, we move away and start our own lives. But then you start to remember what it was like growing up and having family around for special and sad occassions and realize how important it is to be near them....I know how you feel, because I have definitely been in your shoes. XOXO