Monday, January 30, 2006

A Thousand Turkeys

I was procrastinating yesterday morning and came across "Say Anything" on tv. Ah, the quintessential, teenage-love-angst-movie. Lloyd, standing in the driveway holding that boom box over his head, with the intense "I'm going to show her that I love her better than anyone ever could and ever will, without saying anything" look in his eyes. Great scene. No, seriously, great scene. The anthem of love in the 80's starts softly, getting louder and louder until the crashing cymbals are tugging your heart strings, and suddenly you're suffering the heartbreak that Lloyd (and presumably Diane, although she's the one who dumped his ass for no good reason) is feeling. But frankly? (And this is where I raise the potential of getting lynched...) I've never really gotten the movie. Yes, John Cusack is inherently lovable... the underdog who gets the girl (eventually...sort of... but I was never convinced that Diane truly loved him; I think she had a "daddy complex" and just couldn't stand to be alone, and Lloyd was the most convenient substitute). But I never saw it as the timeless, epic love story that everyone else seems to get swept up in. I think my friend, Elan, sang it best (at the top of his lungs while racing down the freeway in his white Cherokee):
"I see [in] the doorway, a thousand turkeys."
The anthem of my discovery. Now that's deep.