Friday, September 29, 2006

Book Club Update

Well, for my book club of one, that is...

Memory Keeper's Daughter: "Eh." A little depressing; no character development (so you didn't really care that the peeps were screwed over); still an interesting read, but pay no attention to the "hype." not THAT worthwhile.

The Glass Castle: Great book-- definitely worth the time turning the pages (and I even read it on the bus-- a major feat for the girl who suffers from chronic motion-sickness. it was THAT worth it). Sad, heartbreaking, anxiety-ridden... you're rooting for every character-- good, bad and ugly.


Hero to the Masses said...

I think they call this "Chick Lit", right?

maikib said...

Dude-- before you knock the chick lit, it's good to know the genre... one of these is a memoir; the other a novel... chick lit is bridgette jones; devil wears prada... basically things about clothes, bad men and lots of promiscuousness... not necessarily in that order.