Monday, November 07, 2011

Birthday Boots

Boots are becoming somewhat of a birthday tradition, well, as a gift to myself that is. It's the third year running that boots have been one of my favorite gifts. Granted, last year they were gifted by the sweet MRN, who had been hearing me hint about wellies for several years. Alas, they were the wrong size, and I had changed my mind about the color (pink) and wanted purple. Plus, I decided to upgrade them to a fancy neoprene-lined riding version... which meant more $$ (or ££ if you're being really technical). So, in some ways, it was still a present I bought for myself.

This year was no different-- and with knee-high boots getting even fancier with the trend of wearing them over skinny jeans, I had lots of styles to choose from. But when I saw these from Bertie, how could I resist? I mean, all those wonderful buttons (and we all know my affinity for buttons). Thankfully, they're only decorative, and there are zips on the sides. Yes, yes-- purely decorative and not at all functional (unless you count style as functional... which, come to think of it, I do). But lovely all the same. As per usual, clothing is now being planned around these babies. Yes, the exciting life that I have.

On a related note, what a beautiful sunshine-y day my birthday was!