Thursday, August 21, 2008

Morning Ritual

  1. wake up at ungodly hour for first of many conference calls
  2. check facebook to see what friends are up to (so much less time-consuming than actually calling or e-mailing!)
  3. check gmail to see what bills there are to pay; junk mail to trash
  4. work, work, work
  5. if lucky, shower before noon


Liana said...

maikib Blogging again! I cannot stand the long long weeks between blogs. Even your short ones are shots in the arm :-)
And congrats on your driving test. The call...sad to say there are times in my life when I won't take calls from anyone. Unless Mili or my dad would call. But that would mean that I am probably in another realm.
As for my morning ritual, I am up at 4 am, working out with my Wii Fit and playing with my dogs, then getting ready for work. Fun...
commenting on three posts in one.

NeasMom said...

at least you shower...