Tuesday, August 21, 2007


So, I've decided to paint my living room. Yes, I rent... but I've never loved the color (inherited from my landlord, and oddly enough, the same color as my old sofa...), but, hey-- it is what it is... and as a renter, you are just happy with not living in an all-white space. But, given that I put a nice little hole in one of the walls (failed attempt at picture-hanging... just 1-inch in diameter, but a hole is a hole), and the fact that my landlord is awesome, I felt compelled to fix the whole, which means painting the room (since I don't have the original paint color).

Long story short, I'm actually enjoying the activity. I realize I should have documented befores and afters (in effort to relish in my success), but with one wall with one coat of paint complete (the hardest one, might I add, because it's the biggest and the one with the bookshelves, meaning walls of dusty books), I figure I must press on. I'll be sure to photograph future walls... I figure at this pace, I MIGHT be done by labor day... (might I remind you, it's only one room...). So, painting is not my forte...


Haidee said...

Still painting!!!
How's it going!!!