Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Good TV that Nobody's Watching

Well, I guess some people are watching it, otherwise it wouldn't still be on the air... but in this case, I'm talking about House. I took the sage advice of GCC and upped my netflix subscription while on bed rest, and as a result, I'm finally able to catch up on the 100 or so movies and tv shows that are currently in my queue (I was one of those crazy 1 movie at a time/unlimited people-- but I don't have a lot of time, and couldn't see spending an extra $8.99/month when I knew the movies were just going to sit there!) But now with three movies at a time, it's a like a little surprise in the mail everytime I open the mailbox (errr... everytime whoever's getting my mail for me on a given day gets my mail... presently my parents).

In any case, I'm now catching up on what I missed of Season 2 of House-- a great, great show. A team of NJ-based diagnosticians solve the unsolvable diseases that are killing people all over, well, New Jersey. Lead by the incomparable Hugh Laurie, putting on his best Yankee accent, the shows are entertaining from beginning to end. The curmudgeony Dr. House (played by Laurie) is so inappropriate and misbehaved that you can't help but love him. Laurie carries the show... I don't know that with another actor the at the helm that it would be as effective. Although Robert Sean Leonard, an oncologist and Dr. House's only friend, is certainly a nice piece of eye candy.

Onto other T.V. news, I've been hedging on making a comment on Meredith's debut on The Today Show (as my friend Christina noted in a recent comment), and it's only because I'm sheepishly eating my words... she's actually great, and I've been enjoying her much more than I ever did Katie (although, truth be told, I was never a big Katie fan...). You can actually take her seriously when she's delivering the news (unlike her predecessor), and she seems to have such an easy rapport with the rest of crew-- almost as if she's always been there. Quite interesting. But I'm happy to be proven wrong-- like I said, I do love my Today Show-- the better the talent, the further we are away from a format change.


Christina Shaver said...

I never saw House. Is it that good??? My sister is all about Scrubs and wants me to do the Netflix thing to get myself interested. Not sure about it...

maikib said...

That's how I got into House-- Netflix! I caught a couple of episodes during season 1 and thought it was interesting so last summer I caught up on season 1 and got hooked. Of course I missed season 2, so i'm currently working my way through season 2-- love it!